Emmanuel Abarca Jiménez

General InformationTop

e-mail: efaj[AT]live[DOT]com
Cell phone: (506) 8947-3333
Nationality: Costa Rican


University: Bach. in Computing and Informatics Science Universidad de Costa Rica, 2008-2015
High School: Colegio Metodista (2003-2007)
Languages: Spanish (native)
English (expert)
French (basic)


Backcountry's Hackathon Overall Winner 2012
For making a gamified shopping assistant mixing their inventory with an Akinator inspired program.
"Símbolo" National Programming Contest 1st Place Winner 2011
"Símbolo" National Programming Contest 1st edition 1st Place Winner 2010
"Símbolo" is an IEEExtreme-style national yearly competition
Costarrican Math Olympics Bronze Medal 2006
"Olimpiada de Mayo" Ibero-American Math Olympic Silver Medal 2003

Work ExperienceTop

Crenet Games CEO & Lead Programmer Late 2010 (Founded) - Present
Experience entrepreneuring, crowdfunding, video game making, and cloud technologies
UCR's IIP's EPM web developer Late 2011 - Early 2012
Drupal, web development
PRoDUS network manager 2010
Database management, email server management, miscellaneous troubleshooting
PRoDUS informatic 2009-2010
Web development, database management
PRoDUS errand boy 2008
Clinica Salud Emocional website
(Emotional Health Clinic)
Blogspot/Blogger web development
Datascension (Call Center) Early 2008
Spoken-english phone surveys

Areas of ExpertiseTop

Areas of Interest: Video Game Production, Gamification
Web Developing, Web backend
Programming Languages: Asm, C, C++, CSS, DHTML, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Pascal, PHP, Python, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Image/Photo editing, 2D graphics: Gimp, Inkscape, Photoshop
3D graphics (3D modeling/animation): Blender
Office Software: Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Google Docs
3D Printing
Technologies Java: Spring MVC, Hibernate, sfl4j, logback, LWJGL, Maven, jFlex, JPA, Apache Commons
Android: Google Admob, Amazon Ads, LibGDX
C++: Ogre3D, Boost, Open Computer Vision, Flex, Bison
HTML: Jquery, CSS3, HTML5, WebGL, threeJS

Cloud Computing: Microsoft Azure, Google AppEngine, Heroku, OpenShift

IDEs: Eclipse, Programmer's Notepad, Notepad++, Visual Studio
Versioning: SVN, Git, Microsoft TFS

Extracurricular ActivitiesTop

ACM-ICPC Caribbean Region Participant (Cuba site) 2011
Faculty Council student representative (2011-2012), (2013-2014)
School Council student representative (2013-2014)
TECCI-UCR member (Electoral Tribunal Member) (2012-2013), (2013-2014)
Student Asociation President (2014-2015)